Why JHA Design

Why hire a professional excavating and landscaping contractor like us? While it may cost more up front, there are a lot of reasons why hiring a professional excavation and landscaping company like JHA Design Co. will ultimately save you time and money in the long run.


Compaction and drainage

When working on any excavating, leveling, landscaping or grading project, proper compaction and drainage are key to avoiding water issues due to improper drainage as well as soil settling which can cause damage to finished landscape and hardscape. This can often be overlooked by less experienced construction companies, landscapers or gardeners. At JHA Design Co, we know how to properly ensure that your structure, hardscape or landscape stays right where it was put and that you never find yourself on the wrong end of waterflow.


Expecting the unexpected

At JHA Design co, we know that whether we're moving dirt, renovating your yard or demolishing an old concrete slab, the work we do is not as simple as it seems. We're prepared for unexpected obstacles and delays and have a greater set of skills and equipment to solve problems more quickly and for less money, and avoid expensive mistakes and errors that can damage existing property or cause problems with new construction.



From small landscape changes to large commercial grading projects, construction equipment exists for all types of jobs. At JHA Design Co, we have a vast array of equipment for any type of project to make sure your job is done right, done fast and done better. We use professional grade lasers and surveying tools to meet your exact specifications and ensure everything is where it should be, how it should be. In addition to our own fleet, we work closely with local rental yards to make sure we have the perfect machine for your specific needs, from compactors and dump trucks to excavators, bulldozers and more.



At JHA Design Co, we know that your project often needs to be exact to a set of plans, not just eyeballed or roughly graded to visual decency. Thats why we use the latest and most accurate lasers and measuring equipment to make sure your project isn't just "good enough" but done right and done better, and that your plans actually transfer to your project without cut corners or sloppy work.



Whether it's a small trenching project or a full landscape redesign, excavation, demolition and landscaping are some things that can easily drag on without the proper equipment and skillset. Anybody can dig a hole just like anybody can make a dining table, it's whether they do it well that sets professionals apart from the general public. At JHA Design Co, we realize this from the start. Thats why we pride ourselves on high quality and exact work at a fast pace, something most people can't obtain, whether doing work by hand or from the cab of a machine. We use the latest equipment from both our own fleet and local suppliers to get the best machine for your job, making sure we get it done as quickly as we can while still doing it right, fast, and better than anybody else out there.